Sewing Communities Together

The Sewing Café found its home in a wonderful space in Masiphumelele, a few minutes outside Fish Hoek, Cape Town.

Our main focus is skills training which is supported by our garment producing factory/CMT.

The skills training centre operates free of charge to unemployed and unskilled members of our community with the aim to equip students with the skills necessary to join the job market or start a small business.
Our CMT prides itself on delivering quality professional products, while offering local business the opportunity to invest in our community. And gives our students the possibility of work while learning a skill. we offer a range of services from pattern making to CMT.
The Sewing Café works in close association with Wendy Ryan's Life Skills Programme, Masi Corporation and Trust and CLOTEX.

Skills Training

Unemployment is a huge debilitating factor in our community compounded by a shortage of skills training possibilities.
Our training program (which is affiliated to CLOTEX) offers our students the opportunity to develop their sewing skills with a view to starting their own business or joining the job market.
It is a one year course and is completely free of charge. Students are taught how to sew on industrial sewing machines and how to sew all elements of a garment thereby becoming versatile machinists.
The opportunity also exists for our students to earn money by working in our CMT.
Students will be encouraged to come up with ideas for their own home industry which we will support with advice, mentoring, quality control and pattern making so the foundations are in place for a successful small business. Alternatively we will assist our graduates to find work in a factory.

Pattern Making and CMT

We offer a professional pattern making and small scale CMT factory that can produce quality garments and business apparel. We offer our services to local business, NGOs, local designers, small business, schools etc. in the Cape Town area. In short: if you can wear it we can make it!
We endeavor to produce work of the highest standard and quality within the shortest possible lead time for the best possible price.
We offer various pattern making, grading and sample making packages to our clients to make the process as cost effective and timeous as possible.
We work on industrial plain machines,cover seam hemming and binding machines, mock safety and safety overlockers - therefore we can work with wovens and knits.
By using The Sewing Café as your CMT you are directly supporting skills development in our community.

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