The CMT Process

Explore our process, recommendations and terms for our top quality samples before proceeding with production CMT services.

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The CMT Sampling Process

Pattern and Sample Making Process: Collaborate with TSC for pattern making and sample creation, ensuring accurate fabric selection and fit assessment.
Grading and Production: Approve final sample, settle a 50% production deposit, and receive beautiful garments.
Terms and Conditions: Please read our terms to ensure a happy relationship and outcome.

Pattern and Sample Process

Pattern Making and Design
The Sewing Café (TSC) recommends working with their preferred freelance pattern makers/designers, who will invoice clients directly. TSC also offers the option to oversee the pattern making process with a 20% admin fee.

Fabric Rating and Specifications: 
Pattern makers are advised to provide fabric rating, spec sheet, and sewing procedure sheet whenever possible, ensuring accurate fabric selection and sewing instructions.

Sample Creation Process: 
TSC handles the creation of samples based on approved patterns. It is suggested to create the first sample in mock fabric for fit assessment, followed by a final sample in the chosen fabric. Clients are responsible for providing the final fabric and fastenings.

Production Quotations and Lead Time: 
TSC provides production quotations based on the time required to create the final sample, with a lead time of 7-10 days for final samples.

Grading and Production

Final sample approval: 
After the final sample has been approved, TSC provides the client with a production quotation including grading.

Production deposit: 
A 50% production deposit must be settled to confirm acceptance of the final production sample.

Grading and lead time: 
Pattern is graded to standard size curve, and TSC recommends making a sample in each size. A lead time of 7-10 days per style is required.

Packaging and payment: 
Client supplies fabric and fastenings during grading. Garments are packed in clear recycled plastic bags. Client's own packaging may incur extra cost. Balance of payment is due on delivery.

The Sewing Café Terms

Production Guidelines: 
Once the final sample is approved, it serves as the production guide, and no changes can be made during production. Production samples should match the approved sample in all aspects, including fabric, fastenings, and trims.

Fabric Responsibilities: 
Clients are responsible for any fabric flaws and should ensure an adequate supply of fabric, purchasing an additional 20% to accommodate unforeseen cutting issues.

Sample and Fabric Safety: 
TSC cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to samples or fabric entrusted to their care.

Size Sample Recommendation: 
To ensure satisfaction with the standard grading rule of 4-5cm per size, clients are advised to create a sample in each size, allowing for accurate assessment of the final product.

cmt the sewing cafe mens womens kids clothes manufacturer

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